The Mothers Journey


The Mothers Journey is an 80 hour pregnancy Yoga teacher training in 5 modules starting up in Copenhagen October 2020

The Mother’s Journey looks at “who are you as a woman?” It is a profound and life-changing, reality-enhancing experience to play in the realms of womanhood in all it’s guises.

Each of the modules explores a different aspect of desire, pregnancy and motherhood through posture, meditation, breath, ritual and ceremony.

We will learn about our bodies, how desire functions within us, our karmic bond and legacy. Rituals around love-making, fertility and pregnancy will be explored. Our bodies will come alive through posture and the power of the breath and in this aspect we will discover how to manage gestational trauma. Food, aromatherapy, healthy eating and life-style choices are a major part of the training, building up over the modules to a comprehensive awareness of how to eat for fertility, pregnancy, labour, lactation and the early months of motherhood.

Our Facebook site @themothersjourneyDK will provide you with all relevant information about the teacher training.

How to apply

The Mothers Journey is a unique training in the field of conception, pregnancy and birth. The combinations of esoteric teachings, spiritual practice and alternative systems gives empowerment and a wider view to a process that is rapidly becoming over-medicalised and dis-empowered. This speciality training course is for women of all ages. It is of particular benefit to yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, doctors, nurses and, mothers to be, both same-sex and heterosexual.

This course is based on Kundalini Yoga.

If you have no experience of this discipline or teachings it is suggested that you attend a minimum of 8 Kundalini Yoga classes to help you become familiar with the principles.

If you are already a health care professional there may be areas of the course that you are familiar with but there will also be much that you may have not previously experienced. As a prospective mother or an already experienced parent there is much to contribute, to learn and also to move beyond. For same-sex couples there is much to gain from discovering an “empowered pregnancy” training combined with a highly accessible spiritual path.

For yoga professionals: this certification will give you confidence plus a well grounded experience in how to teach pregnancy and post natal yoga. To certify as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher you will need to attend modules 1-5.

If you are interested in learning various aspects but not all then you can take modules as you desire. Attendance only does not gain certification. There is an exam at the end, to certify.

For questions or to apply for a place in The Mother´s Journey training send us an email at

Your investment: 


All 5 modules:  1500 EURO 

Live moduler (modul 1 & 5): 500 Euro
Online moduler ( modul 2, 3 & 4) 200 Euro

Course Dates

Module 1: Conscious Conception- 24-25 October 2020  

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Module 2: Yoga in pregnancy- November 2020

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Module 3: Dynamics of Labour- December 2021

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Module 4: Postnatal Phase- Januar 2021 

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Module 5: Leadership & Liberation for women – 27-28 februar 2021

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